Using Motionly for the publishers in the context of special operations and brand content

Motionly offers to the publishers the opportunity to display interactive animations for their brand customers. Integrate the animations in a native way which seamlessly fits into the content. Access to a wealth of advanced viewability and interaction metrics that can be shared with the brand.

RSS Story

Dynamic story based on a template

Thee story animations which are built in real-time from dynamic contents taken from a RSS flow.

Edito Story

Editorial stories based on a template

Editorial stories which may be displayed in-feed or in full screen.


Scroll-motion promotion 

Three animations which react to scroll-motion to promote some broadcasts


Scroll-motion ads

3 scroll-motion auto-promotional ads in various ratios prompting the user to play and interact with the vertical scrolling.


Auto-promotion animation 

An animation built on a model, which triggers when it becomes 100% visible


Scroll-motion + story ad

This interactive story is a support for the “Chauffeur Privé” to “Kapten” rebranding campaign. It starts in scroll-motion and turns into a story.


Story ad

This landscape (900×300 or 1800×600) interactive story ad animation promotes the Class A Berline model via 5 chapters highlighting key features of the car.

Yves Saint Laurent

Scroll-motion + story ad

This page shows two ads for the “TOUCHE ÉCLAT” product, the first one with starts in scroll-motion and turns into a story, the second being 100% scroll-motion based. They are displayed within the Grazia contents.

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