A selection of some experiences created via Motionly for interactive animations

Motionly offers to create ultra smooth and powerful interactive animations running on all digital supports. Be free to choose any dimensions, the animation is 100% responsive and remains pixel perfect. They may used for advertising, merchandising or for augmenting the UX of any page. Advanced viewability and interactions metrics are available for each animation. Motionly’s player offers unique DCO opportunities.

TAG Heuer

Scroll-motion DCO ad

The scroll-motion ad creative prompts the user to interact by playing with the animation via vertical scrolling. Engage the user with an interactive animation which follows the user gesture. Personalise the creation depending on the context for DCO.


Story ad

The ad story narrates a product via a series of animated chapters. The user can “scrub” the animation via an horizontal swipe on mobile, via the trackpad / mouse vertical scrolling on desktop, the user can skip to the next or revert to the previous chapter like on Instagram.


Scroll-motion + story ad

Combine the scroll-motion to the story for designing highly interactive ad creatives. The animation starts reacting to scroll-motion as it appears to catch the user attention, and turns into a story when a vertical scrolling limit has been reached.

First Man

Scroll-motion over video ad

Build interactive ad creatives which display over a video. Augment the experience by overlaying additional information over the video commercial for a better engagement of the user.


Twup template

Create interactive scroll-motion creatives by providing only 4 input assets via a simple drag & drop form. Take benefit of having the user being interactive with the creative and engaged with the brand. Publish the interactive animations in 3 IAB formats: 300×600, 320×480 / 640×960, 300×250.

Edito Story

Editorial stories based on a template

Create editorial stories from templates: provide the visual identity of your media brand, type texts, provide illustration. Display them in-feed or in full screen on the web, mobile, desktop and in mobile apps. Export videos to share them on social networks.


A template dedicated to merchandising

Create interactive stories from your product visual assets and product name, description and price. Engage the visitor with the initial scroll-motion.


Geometrix template

Play with geometrical visual special effects: create on-the-fly interactive stories for advertising or merchandising. Take benefit of the generated motion to promote your products from their static visuals.

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