A selection of Motionly interactive animations

Motionly offers a wealth of resources to create ultra smooth and powerful interactive animations running on all digital supports. They can be used in advertising, for merchandising or for augmenting a website UX. Discover a selection of rich experiences created via Motionly technology.


Must experiences

Discover a selection of interactive animations running in various contexts, proposing a range of interactions. Those experiences work in advertising (programmatic, native, retargeting), for merchandising and for augmenting the website UX.

Creative Ads

Tailored-made ads

Experience a panel of tailored interactive creatives used as ad units for branding campaigns. Watch for yourself the variety of experiences designed for in scroll-motion, as stories or as a mix.


Augmented products experiences

See how Motionly augments the e-commerce web site UX. Our built-in narrative templates offer generated interactive animations from product static assets. Motionly generates videos from those animations for free.


Generative ad units

See how Motionly enables to build on-the-fly interactive animations for Digital Creative Optimization. Use our templates to build ad units on various IAB formats, use a real-time retargeting flow to customize the animation on-the-fly. We design for you exclusive and private templates that fits your UX and business requirements.


Native creatives

Discover Motionly use cases for the publishers, integrating natively interactive animations into special operations and brand content.


Augmented UX

Discover how Motionly animations may be integrated into existing web sites, playing with the animations. Ideal for increasing the digital end-user experience, leveraging the engagement via delightful interactions.

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