Strengthen your inventory with interactivity

Offer to your brand customers an inventory of beautiful interactive creatives.

What are the main requirements of end-users in terms of display advertising today?

Three answers: quality of contents, relevance and non-invasiveness.

With Motionly, display high-quality advertising for a preserved, enhanced brand image.

Deliver attention through motion

Offer the power of interactive animations to brands

#Engagement #HighQuality #Innovative #EmpowerYourInventory #PreserveUX

Differentiate what you offer: accompany your audience product with the possibility to display innovative and highly-engaging ads.

Motionly offers the possibility to easily create high-quality native ad-units, infeed or outfeed according to your inventory while preserving your level of UX.

Illustration 1 with a car


  Design from templates
  Easy integration
  Fit into your workflow
  In-house solution


 60 fps


  DCO by design
  Personalize on the fly

Illustration 2 with a desktop, tablet and smartphone

Engaging, narrative, relevant

Bring to the fore better engagement rates

#FormatFactory #Interactivity #Scenarisation #Narration #DCO

Scroll-motion, story, multiple narrative tracks: Motionly fosters interaction under end-user control. Our solution enables the making of more interactive, more narrative and more personalized (DCO) creative ad-units.

In other words, offer to advertisers the possibility to spend a more valuable time with your end-users.




Optimized inventory

Integrate experiences everywhere in your inventory

#SimpleIntegration #Html5 #SSPCompatible #ProgrammaticOrNot

Ad-units designed with Motionly are programmatic ready, SSP and DSP compatible and are thus integrable everywhere in your inventory.

Every IAB format is available.

Very special operations

Set special operations directly with advertisers

#SpecialOperations #BeSpoke #Bold #BrandContent

With Motionly you can also go beyond IAB Standards. Experiences designed with Motionly are responsive and integrable everywhere with one simple HTML <img> tag. Imagine special operations directly with brands, sponsoring to reflect their messages. Launch bold plans, break through boundaries to serve brand content.

Seize the opportunity to display a seamless advertising content, bespoke for advertisers, impactful for end-users.

Reduce the number of intermediaries to maximize resources and revenue.

With Motionly, provide to brands a direct platform dedicated to creation and analytics to fully spotlight them.

Explore over 16 demos

Interactivity serving metrics

Get more precise and virtuous analytics

#VivaLaData #CustomizableThreshold #MoreVirtuous

Which creative ads does your audience interact with the most?

Interactivity offers the possibility to go beyond impression and click to better engage your audience and get additional and more precise metrics.

Furthermore, with Motionly even the threshold of metrics provided are customizable. Advertisers can make them match with their campaign goals to obtain more relevant ones.

Get to know better your audience to improve your advertising policy and retain end-users. Provide more qualitative insights to advertisers.

This, in line with data protection standards: GDPR-compliant, no cookies, no IP address, no user agent recorded.

Illustration 3 with tablets and smartphones

Be an early adopter

Ready to play forward and to gain a competitive advantage?

To start, you can have a demo, test our solution with a first campaign.

Other needs? Discover what you can do with Motionly beyond advertising!





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