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Deploy interactive merchandising experiences

Offer to your customers a high value-added solution to boost your products merchandising.


The word is everywhere.

What if you were able to offer to your brand customers the ability to turn cold content interactive?

What if brands could aspire to something similar to their level of interactivity on social media while enjoying freedom and personalization of a fully customized website?

It’s time to move on!

E-commerce leaders also need to comply with multiple technical requirements. High-quality, page speed, fluidity, integration, CMS-compatibility: creativity and technical practicality must run in accordance.

Offer a distinctive service

Give easily movement to digital merchandising

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With Motionly, quickly create really interactive animations by filling in a simple form.

From our templates, enable your teams to design quickly and easily pixel-perfect moving packshots or experiences for special promotions, with lower costs than video. Upload the assets, define the text and make it run. The animation automatically resizes depending on the available room.They are fully responsive to fit the end-customer’s context.

Your brand customer is looking for something more specific? Craft a bespoke experience or even his/her own templates with us.

Our strength? Providing  you with the opportunity to industrialize experiences production for your clients, according to their needs and to their tempo.

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  Design from templates
  Easy integration
  Fit into your workflow
  In-house solution


 60 fps


  DCO by design
  Personalize on the fly

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Deliver emotion through motion

Offer highly-engaging digital customer experience to your brand customers

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Looking to generate a special relationship through interactivity to serve brands identities?

We are ready! Adopt a solution to enable your client to engage consumers with interactive control over product visuals.
Benefit from an array of formats to deliver emotions for your brand customers. Create surprise with scroll-motion or identification with stories. Generate curiosity through multiple narrative tracks.

Scenarise merchandising. Unveil products in seconds without end-user effort. Make special operations more narrative or improve UX to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate.




Design once, play everywhere

Make it easier for your brand customers to switch to omnichannel

#SimpleIntegration #Html5 #Omnichannel #CrossSells #SocialMedia #SocialSelling

Experiences designed with Motionly are responsive and integrable everywhere on the web and on apps thanks to one simple HTML <img> tag. They combine the requirements of creativity and technical practicality by preserving page speed while being pixel-perfect.

Experiences can be easily exported in various formats (still image, animated GIF or video) to publish the same content with the same quality everywhere.

E-commerce platform, app, social media, newsletters: offer consistency to your brand customers and benefit from a real leverage effect.

You can even turn an e-commerce animation into an interactive ad-unit.

One creation, multiple uses, rising benefits.


Leverage through DCO

#OnTheFly #Unique #RealTime #Geolocation

With Motionly unique grammar, tune and customize animations on-the-fly via real-time context data, to offer your brand customers the possibility to display a personalized experience for each one of their customers and improve ROI.

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Interactivity is the new impression

Get and provide more efficient analytics in line with data privacy

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You already use a range of tools. With your solutions, you understand precisely the customer’s journey, you can test variations through A/B testing and you can personalize end-rendering.

But how do you assess the way you choose to present products? Even more in a dynamic context?

Supplement transactional metrics. Interactivity offers the opportunity to get more precise metrics, beyond clicks. The time has come to measure interactions with product visuals to really understand end-users behaviours, beyond conversion pipes.

With Motionly, get those metrics without scatter knowledge. Our metrics are available on Google Analytics and integrable in softwares you’re used to.

This, in line with data protection standards: GDPR-compliant, no cookies, no IP address, no user agent recorded.

Free to industrialize

Automate the building of experiences

#Industrialize #Code #WebServices

Your teams are able to code? Go further with Motionly’s API to automate the building of experiences programmatically and to get analytics directly through web services.

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Be an early adopter

Ready to play forward, to innovate for your brand customers as for yourself and to gain a competitive advantage?

To start, let’s have a demo. Test our solution for a first campaign or directly train your designers to use Motionly.

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