It all begins with a simple HTML <img> tag

This tag could be your animation’s tag…

Easy motion · ease emotion

Engage through motion

Motionly provides templates that enable you to use quick and easy interactive motion design to increase end-users engagement.

At your disposal, three general types of animation: scroll-motion, stories, multiple narrative tracks. Their common point? They enable you to give control to end-users over your creations to foster interaction.

Illustration 1 with a car

In a nutshell: Motionly experiences are just as augmented images!

How it works?

Illustration 2 with a desktop, tablet and smartphone


Design ads on the fly

We’re not another simple banner builder… But Motionly can be used as quickly whilst offering so much more!

With Motionly, motion design is a drag and drop story. In a few clicks, download your assets and generate up to 6 experiences with multiple formats. Then, your set will be ready for gentle fine-tuning. From sketch to end-product. This is our new definition of a job well-done 🙂 Looking for something special?

Great! We can design a special template for you or teach you how to design it. In line with IAB standards or not, to unleash your creativity. You’re a developer? Even Greater! Motionly’s experiences are open, do you want to see?


Make Merch pulse!

Even better than in store

Highlight marketing messages. Benefit from a leverage effect: articulate easily your assets through a story that talks to your targets. Refresh dynamically.

Give more autonomy to the marketing team with a simple tool to use each time they want to give strength to a message. Improve purchase flow and increase sales.


  Design from templates
  Easy integration
  Fit into your workflow
  In-house solution


 60 fps


  DCO by design
  Personalize on the fly

Interactive UI

Enable UI to deliver emotions

Surprise : it moves and it’s smart 😉

You know it: emotions are what makes something memorable and this something should be your website or your app!

Initiate a game with users and make your UI more narrative, appealing, intuitive, specific, or anything else you wish to achieve through interactive animation!

Explore over 16 demos

Multiple outputs

From digital experiences to social media

Brilliant is consistent

Easily export your experiences in various formats, still image, animated GIF or video.
Publish the same experience across all social medias.




Measure & optimise

Metrics to exceed

Viva la data 🙂

Viewability, interaction: get metrics beyond the click to optimize experiences. GDPR-Compliant, no cookies, no IP address, no user agent.

Illustration 3 with tablets and smartphones

Let’s play forward!

First is premium

Early adoption

Gain a head-start
Discover super cool benefits
Adopt and take part in the development of a made for you technology.

Other needs? Discover what you can do with Motionly beyond UX·UI!





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