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Produce easily engaging and interactive creative ads

This tag could be your animation’s tag…

Bring ease and fluidity to unleash creativity

Empower your teams with a solution to design easily creative ad-units

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With Motionly, motion design is a drag and drop story. Zero code is needed. From our templates enable your creative teams to design quickly and easily pixel-perfect ad-units. Pictures are resized automatically to make ads fully responsive. Upload your assets, your text and make it run.

And if you are looking for something more specific, design a bespoke interactive animation or even your own templates with us. Produce more and better, to always be more relevant and efficient, compliant with IAB standards or bespoke, according to your client requirements.

Illustration 1 with a car


  Design from templates
  Easy integration
  Fit into your workflow
  In-house solution


 60 fps


  DCO by design
  Personalize on the fly

Illustration 2 with a desktop, tablet and smartphone

Interactive, narrative, personalized

Offer highly-engaging advertising campaigns

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How could your ads be more engaging?

Make it really interactive. Scroll-motion, story, multiple narrative tracks: Motionly is a “formats” factory tailored for you and thought from the ground up for end-user engagement. The recipe? As always, complex and simple : be eye-catching and offer end-users control over your creations to create connexion.

Make it more narrative. Motionly formats are a new opportunity to be more narrative, to tell a story differently, to increase and to give more value to time spent with the brand.

Make it personalized. With Motionly unique grammar, tune and customize the creative animation on-the-fly via real-time context data (time, geolocation), ideal for DCO. Multiple variations, more relevant impressions.

Make it integrate perfectly in the context. Non-invasive, for a special operation, native or not, infeed or outfeed, according to your creative ideas and your messages.





Deploy your ads unit easily and consistently

#SimpleIntegration #Html5 #DSPCompatible #ProgrammaticOrNot #SocialMedia

Experiences designed with Motionly are responsive and integrable everywhere on the web thanks to one simple HTML tag!

They are programmatic ready, DSP and SSP compatible or integrable in any website to let you easily build special operations or brand content campaigns in partnership with the media. And because social media is also a great part of advertising: experiences can be easily exported in various formats (still image, animated GIF or video) to publish the same content everywhere.

Benefit from a real leverage effect: one creation, multiple uses in different contexts.

Interactivity is the new impression

Get more efficient analytics in line with data privacy

#InteractivityServingMetrics #VivaLaData #A/BTestingReady #ROI #MoreVirtuous

Would you like to really know if the end-user has seen and interacted with your creative? Interactivity offers the opportunity to get more precise metrics, beyond impression and clicks. And, to go further, the threshold of those metrics are customizable. You can make them match with your campaign goals to obtain more relevant metrics.

With Motionly, be fully equipped for the objectification and optimization of your campaigns. Share precise analytics with your brand customers.

This, in line with data protection standards: GDPR-compliant, no cookies, no IP address, no user agent recorded.

Your creations are not static anymore, why should your metrics be?

Illustration 3 with tablets and smartphones

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