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Add easily new interactive formats to your offering

Offer Motionly UX directly to your customers.

You want to improve ad units’ rendering and performance without changing your diffusion process? You can do that!

With Motionly, benefit from an ad-unit format factory integrable with fluidity to generate versatile experiences, under white label.

Offer more interactivity, reduce costs, and offer new visibility and interaction analytics insight to your customers without overhauling your processes.

A drag and drop story

Offer your customers a tool to design easily multi-support creative units

#PixelPerfect #Responsive #Ease #DigitalAdvertising #FormatFactory #Infeed #Outfeed

Motionly gives the opportunity to easily create high-quality interactive ad-units by filling in a simple form. Motionly is a format factory: users can create, adjust and deploy from general templates. Bespoke templates can also be crafted when needed to create your own new formats with no extra development required thanks to Motionly UX and rendering engine.
Illustration 1 with a car


  Design from templates
  Easy integration
  Fit into your workflow
  In-house solution


 60 fps


  DCO by design
  Personalize on the fly

Illustration 2 with a desktop, tablet and smartphone

Distinction through interactive motion

Empower your customers with the ability to catch attention through motion

#EnduserEngagement #SpecialConnexion #Surprise #Affinity #Attention

Motionly was made to foster the end-user engagement. The recipe? As usual, complex and simple: be eye-catching and give the end-user control over creative ads to create a connexion. With scroll-motion, stories or multiple narrative tracks, enable your customers to serve their brand identity by arousing surprise and affinity. This, infeed or outfeed to fit publishers’ design and respect end-users’ journey.




Design once, broadcast easily

Seamlessly integrate experiences into your broadcast channel

#SimpleIntegration #Html5 #ProgrammaticOrNot #ChangeTheRulesNotYourWorkflow

Motionly is the solution to industrialize ad-unit design and to give to your customers the opportunity to benefit from a real leverage effect.

Motionly ad-units can be inserted via a simple HTML. Therefore, they are easily integrable into your broadcast channel.

They are fully responsive and pixel-perfect across the varying contexts of ad spaces and devices.

Want to produce experiences directly from your existing stack? Motionly offers a web services API enabling programmatically any custom and industrialised integration.

Improve the creative process with our templates, reduce your costs, while maintaining the same delivery process.

Personalization to increase attention

Leverage through DCO

#OnTheFly #Unique #RealTime #Geolocation

With Motionly unique grammar, animations can be tuned and customized on-the-fly via real-time context data, to offer customers the possibility to display a personalized ad-unit for each end-user.
Illustration 3 with tablets and smartphones

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Interactivity is the new impression

Get a new type of metrics based on interactivity

#InteractivityServingMetrics #VivaLaData #A/BTestingReady #ROI #MoreVirtuous

If creations are not static anymore, then why should metrics be?

Beyond impression and clicks, offer more meaningful and precise metrics thanks to interactivity. Give your customers the opportunity to know how end-users have interacted with their creations. Furthermore, Motionly offers the possibility to customize threshold according to campaign goals: a way to always be more relevant and efficient. Motionly metrics are available on Google Analytics and accessible via API and report.

All this, in line with data protection standards: GDPR-compliant, no cookies, no IP address, no user agent recorded.

Be an early adopter

Let’s get a head start together: innovate to serve your market!

After all our (passionate) development work, we would be really happy to enrich your product with Motionly. Let’s discover our synergies.

Other needs? Discover what you can do with Motionly beyond advertising!





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