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Motionly is a SaaS solution to design, deploy and measure interactive rich media animations.

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We make it simple, you make it amazing

Reach a new level of interactivity

Scroll-motion, story or multiple narrative tracks:
catch attention through motion and give direct control to end-users over the information you want to share.

A drag and drop story

Design on the fly

Ready-to-use, bespoke or fine crafted templates, your call. Create, adjust, deploy: for a thousand uses or just one.

In a few clicks, generate up to 6 experiences with multiple formats ready for fine-tuning!

Ideal for DCO.


Display creativity everywhere…

Real-time responsive experiences, perfect render on any device, and seamless integration to any ecosystem.

Simple HTML <img>: no-code integration into websites. Natively, via an A/B testing solution or a tag management platform.

Interactive animations running in all browsers: no JavaScript writing, no more evil work-arounds for each reluctant browser!


…and personalize for everyone

Dynamically personalize your content to the user’s context down to the last detail to boost engagement.
Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right place, at the right time through DCO.

Play forward!

Easy motion · ease emotion

through motion

Amazing and highly-engaging. That’s all!
Motionly provides templates that enable you to use quick and easy interactive motion design to increase end-users engagement.

At your disposal, 2 general types of interactions: scroll-motion and stories. Their common point? They enable you to give control to end-users over your creations to foster interaction.


  Design from templates
  Easy integration
  Fit into your workflow
  In-house solution


 60 fps


  DCO by design
  Personalize on the fly

From virtuous to virtuoso

Get augmented interaction metrics to improve performance

The click is decisive, but what is decisive to obtain the click? Interactivity natively offers metrics beyond click to optimize experiences and strategy.

All this, in line with current and future standards:
GDPR-compliant, no cookies, no IP address, no user agent.

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